A Touching Tale; a Bipolar Journey

Ballasted Wings: Why That Day? is a raw, gritty and cautionary tale.

Alexis is about to graduate from a prestigious women's college in NYC. Overwhelmed with honors projects, finals and the lack of plans for after graduation, Alexis breaks.

Roommates take her to the hospital ER. She's diagnosed: rapid-cycling bipolar I. As you fall in love with Alexis's passionate spirit, you cheer for her recovery.

She takes medical leave and has two more in patient admissions. Graduation day approaches. Alexis is alone, detached, excluded and declares "I'm done, mom."

Alexis felt diagnosed and dumped. If only one of her hospitals had Action Alliance's Care Transitions programs . . . 

"This Book Could Save Lives"

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Raises Risk Awareness of:

. . . Abruptly stopping meds

. . . No Transitional Care

. . . Use of Car before Stable

. . . A Tale to be Heeded so to:

. . . Remember Perils of Isolation, Silence, Exclusion

. . . Appreciate Dangers, along with gifts, of Bipolar

. . . Connect to Transitional Resources



About the Author and Website Creator

Susan Knox Kopta

Practiced law as a research and writing attorney;

National Alliance on Mental Illness of Oklahoma (NAMI OK);

Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) NAMI Family Panel speaker; and

BipolarLinks.com creator to provide links to strength, resources and support.

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"This book is amazing and beautiful . . ."

"This book . . . is a heart wrenching but beautiful story."

". . . loving yet difficult journey and so beautifully written."

"Susan's book and her website are now an inspiration and an invaluable resource for those struggling . . . if you know someone fighting this battle please check out her website BipolarLinks.com"


Bipolar Links:  "This is an excellent resource."


"Susan wants to offer help to other families dealing with this issue. She turned every parents' nightmare into hope through information and the sharing of her story."


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